Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert on Long Island

                                                                   IMPORTANT ALERT!                                  

albfemale03To date, 69 infested trees infested with Asian Longhorned Beetle have been identified on Long Island.   Four infested trees were located along  Wellwood Avenue in Babylon and have been removed.  The remaining infested trees  located on the grounds of St. Charles/Resurrection Cemeteries as well as in and around Republic Airport will be removed in the upcoming weeks.  The most important thing you can do to stop this beetle and save trees is to check them regularly and encourage others to do so as well.

Early detection is crucial in the fight against this invasive pest.  To help: conduct tree checks for damage and report any sightings of the beetle or signs of damage on trees caused by this insect.

map_largeTrees at risk include:  Ash, Birch, Elm, Goldenrain Tree, Hackberry, Horse Chestnut, Katsura, London Planetree, Maple, Mimosa, Mountain Ash, Poplar and Willow.


Call the New York ALB Eradication Program toll free at

1-(866) 265-0301 or 877-STOP-ALB, or report online at 

For more information, please visit

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